Wellness Care

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Dog Pawz is pleased to bring veterinary services to Leawood/Prairie Village  as part of our mission to deliver you a healthier and happier dog at the end of a visit to our facility.

Veterinarian examining Australian Shepherd.

Veterinary Wellness Exams

Veterinary wellness exams are an important component of pet health. At this visit here at Dog Pawz, we will do a physical assessment of your pup, including recording weight, listening to heart and lungs, feeling muscles and bones, checking over skin and coat, inspecting ear canals, assessing dental health, and screening for issues such as internal parasites, heartworm, tick-borne diseases, etc. Regular visits are important for detecting any minor issues before they become serious. This is also the time to update necessary vaccinations to protect against multiple life-threatening diseases.

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Veterinary Sick Visits

If your pup isn’t feeling up to snuff, give us a call. We offer same-day sick visit appointments to get them on the road to recovery faster.

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Pet Vaccinations

Just as with humans, regular vaccinations are an especially important part of your pet's health care routine. Vaccines help prepare the body's immune system to fight foreign organisms, protecting against multiple life-threatening diseases and providing your pet the best chance at a long, healthy life.

Puppies and kittens should begin to receive vaccinations beginning at about 6-8 weeks. Our team will work with you to determine your pet's regular vaccination schedule based on breed, age, current health, and lifestyle.

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Parasite Screening And Prevention

Companion animals are likely to become infected with parasites at some point in their lives. If left undetected and untreated, they will affect a pet's well-being – from simply being irritating to causing a variety of life-threatening conditions. Some parasites can even infect and transmit disease to humans, with children being an especially vulnerable target! Parasites don't discriminate; both indoor and outdoor pets are at risk.

It's always better to prevent than to treat parasitic illness. That's why we recommend regular testing for internal parasites as well as heartworm and tick-borne diseases. The presence of one or more of these illnesses can be determined through bloodwork, and we recommend all pets have this test performed on an annual basis so any detected problems can receive immediate intervention.

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Pet Microchipping


One out of every three pets will become lost at some point in their lifetime. Make sure yours has the best chance of returning home and consider getting them microchipped. A microchip is about as big as a grain of rice, and it causes no pain or discomfort for your pet. Call us for more information.


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