Caring for Adopted Pets in Kansas City & Leawood During COVID-19

If you decided to foster or adopt a pet during the Coronavirus crisis, you’re not alone.  Animal shelters and rescue groups across the country have reported a significant increase in the number of pet adoptions and foster agreements since March when stay-at-home-orders went into place across most of the country. Many families who had thought about adopting or fostering in the past suddenly found the time and availability they had been lacking with normal work and school routines. As a result, shelters have reported a new shortage thanks to the pandemic – in some facilities, the number of pets left needing homes went all the way down to zero!

If you’re still on the lookout for the perfect furry friend, we talked to our fellow animal-lovers at Unleashed Pet Rescue – who also saw an increase in adoptions – and they still have dogs and cats available for adoption. Visits are currently by appointment only.

You’re also not alone if you have found great joy and satisfaction in that decision, along with some panicked moments while asking yourself what-have-I-gotten-myself-into! Once your dog or cat starts to get the hang of being a member of your household, with all the benefits and boundaries that come with it, you may decide you could use a little help here and there.

For doggie daycare and boarding services, your friends at Dog Pawz are here to help! Even if you are still working from home full time, it’s a good idea to introduce your new pet to the daycare experience. Not only will it add variety and a welcome break to your weekly routine, but the socialization will also help your pet be well-adjusted and calmer around other animals, not to mention it will help with any separation anxiety your pet may experience when you go back to work. Boarding services offer similar benefits, with the added advantage of establishing a trusted environment for boarding your pet when you need to leave home sometime down the road.

As the global response to the pandemic and the many related uncertainties continue to dominate much of our lives, we can count on the comfort, companionship, and unconditional love of our pets to help carry us through. We are thankful for those who have made room in your hearts and homes for shelter pets during this time, and we look forward to serving you!